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Cannot wait to travel again and use my new wallet.
Great Blazer and great price!
Great product
Christmas Gift
I was sent the wrong bag
Hi Rita, thanks for your review. I’m so sorry to hear this :( Firstly I can only apologise that you’ve received the wrong item. We have strict processes in place to ensure that items are always picked correctly but human error can rarely affect this - typically if our suppliers have coded an item incorrectly. Either way, I’m really sorry again that this has affected your order. Secondly, I know you’ve mentioned that you contacted us. I couldn’t see any unanswered emails in our inboxes so I’ve done a quick search for your email on our server and I can see one that has been blocked by our spam filter. I can only assume it was due to the photo that has been attached. I’m terribly sorry if you think we were ignoring you - I can assure you this is absolutely not the case as all emails are always answered in our inbox. I would never want a customer to ever have a bad experience, receive the wrong item or be out of pocket or any reason. I’d therefore like to get this resolved for you ASAP. I know you mentioned you actually like the one you’ve been sent. However, as it was not the one you originally ordered and European delivery is £15, I’ve created you a £15 credit, which I’ll email across to you, so that it covers you’re future delivery should you still wish to get the bag or anything else. I will also refund any differences in price of the bag you received in comparison to the bag you’ve paid for. Please do let me if you need anything else :) - Keri xx
Mulberry inspired baf
Lovely red blazer
Granddaughter will be thrilled
Fab bag!
Lovely gift
Great quality & excellent customer service
Stylish bag
Tweed tartan blazer
Good quality
Great Quality
Fantastic Face mask
Satchel bag
Great Bag Great Price
Love it