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There are always gorgeous designer bags circling around social media that I lust on and just quite frankly cannot afford! One in particular that is currently trending as the upcoming ‘it bag’ of the moment is the Gucci Studded Dionysus Bag.

Retailing at over a whopping £2,000, it is definitely more of an investment than a purchase for the average gal like me. I know I can’t quite fathom that, so, I made it my mission to find the best dupe out there that won’t break the bank balance.

Ulani Gucci Inspired Studded Dionysus Bag - Style Steal - Style Of Beyond

Our ‘Ulani’ Gucci Inspired Studded Dionysus Bag is stunning and, as you can see, shares many of the loved qualities of its original, more expensive, counterpart. And, you know what? It's only £32! Bargain!

It features gorgeous stud detailing on the front, similarly to the Gucci bag, internal and external zipper pockets, beautiful dark silver tone metal hardware, as well as magdot and zipper closure to ensure your goodies are safe. 

The thing I love the most is the leather strap at the top of the chain handle, which is also adjustable. It really gets on my nerves when brands just leave the chain the whole way round – have they ever tried walking around town all night with a long bag stuffed to the brim with make-up, phone, wallet and other junk weighing it down? I am guessing not because, if they did, they would know how bad that chain imprint hurts on your shoulder later!

We have limited stock so get it while you can and you too can be like all the ‘It Girls’ on Instagram and still have money left over – you’re welcome!


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