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Sliders are everywhere at the moment. They come in all shapes, sizes, colours, textures and brands to suit whatever your style may be. However, there is one brand that has stolen the hearts of Instagram users and that is of course Gucci.
Gucci's sliders come in a number of styles from diamond encrusted (if you're feelin' extra boujee) to just an embossed logo (if you're feeling more basic). The iconic red and green stripe slides are the ones making their mark on the insta pages of celebrities and bloggers worldwide.
But who can afford to leave their £300+ Gucci slides poolside for all those envious eyes? Not me! Well, I may not even be able to afford them in the first place, but now I can and so can you :)
We've duped the trend with our new 'Erika' Gucci inspired sliders. They feature a red and two green stripes over the soft faux leather upper. And, if you think you've felt a comfortable squishy slider, you've not felt ours yet! They are incredibly comfortable you'll never wanna take them off. No sore feet here!

Erika Gucci Inspired Sliders
Available in both white and black you can really dupe the trend and dress for the life you want without the price tag.
You gals love them too! We've got full 5 star ratings on the reviews with you agreeing how comfy and stylish they are.They look fab with our other Gucci inspired products which you can checkout by clicking here!
Don't forget to show us how you style them! #StyleOB

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